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Tricia Isenstein, LPCC and Certified Trauma Professional of Creative Counseling, LLC is now available for consultations on how to make your school, workplace or organization trauma-informed.  

Being trauma-informed at an organizational or institutional level has proven to have outcomes that benefit society as a whole.  Research continues to support how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) is one of the biggest public health epidemics we face. 


 There are many solutions that are backed by empirical research.  

There are three levels, or steps that can be addressed through my services:

1.  Educational Presentation.  This is a 2-hour (or longer) presentation on the effects of ACEs on persons, how trauma presents itself in behavior of individuals, and considerations of how to make your school or workplace trauma-informed.

2.  One-day workshop.  This will be tailored to your school or organizational's needs.  This will include a pre-workshop consultation to identify needs and considerations for the workshop's content that are most relevant to the work you do.  

3.  A worskhop series.  This will include educational materials;  teaching participants skills to recognize trauma responses, ways to respond, and practical solutions for your school or organization.  

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