Don't take depression lightly. The brain can get very sick, very fast. Depression often occurs with difficult life situations, or it may be the underlying reason for life's struggles. Whether you are beginning your healing process, or are looking to try something different -  together, we can find creative solutions to help you begin to feel better. It is important to reach out to someone as soon as possible. There are many tools and techniques that can help the brain create new pathways to healthier thoughts. Changes are just around the corner if you are willing to take that step.  Your walk will be honored here.

Career Counseling

  As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Kentucky, I am trained with the tools to provide you a unique career counseling experience.  Often, careers that do not align with your core values and lifestyle will lead to adverse mental health issues.  Depression, anxiety, existential delimmas, all can tie in to one's job.  

    Many people have not undergone a complete exploration of career possibilities.  If you are finding yoursef at a crossroad in life to choose a new career path, we can work together to ensure your choices are compatible with your own learning and working style.  

     Career exploratoin can usually be achieved in 3-6 sessions.  Call Tricia Isenstein with any questions or to make an appointment to begin a professional career counseling experience.  


Have you ever noticed that the more you fight anxiety, the more  you have it??  Similar to quick sand, fighting your way out of anxiety can actually feel like you are just sinking further into it.  Learning new ways of dealing with anxiety can liberate you from its grasp, and help you understand the many underlying triggers to anxiety.  Together, we will find the tools that can work for you.  

Unhealthy Relationships

There are many ways to either repeat unhealthy relationships throughout life, or get stuck in them.  This often leads to anxiety, depression, self-harm, self-medicaiton, and/or interpersonal problems at work and with others.  If you are looking for a therapist, this probably means you are ready to figure out why this is happening -  and begin to do things differently.  Talking with a therapist can bring new perspective and help you figure out what the first step you need to take is.  


Creative Counseling offers a non-judgmental, completely inclusive and empathetic approach to all.  

Living with chronic pain

Living with chronic pain is a daily challenge. Keeping your mental health in balance will help you manage your pain more effectively. Chronic pain can also bring about mental health issues such as depression. Your pain management can be complimented when you work with a therapist who understands your challenges. There are techniques that can be taught to lessen the neurological pathways that are accustomed to concentrating on the physical pain.  Relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and imagery are some tools that assist in managing chronic pain.  Together we will create a life that works for you and addresses your unique situation.

Adult Survivors

Going through life with the history of childhood trauma is a daily struggle for many. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other symptoms can interfere in daily functioning. Healing is a journey.  Whether you are taking your first step, or continuing to navigate the road to peace, your healing will be honored here. Together we will find healing and creative methods that fit your unique identity. You can begin to feel more whole and live a fulfilling life that brings you joy. Individual counseling and group support are available at Creative Counseling.  

     EMDR is now offered as a modality for trauma treatment.  EMDR is a proven technique to help those heal from struggles such as PTSD, anxiety, or disturbing memories.  

Gender-Affirming Therapy

Tricia has many years experience working with individuals exploring gender identity development.  No matter where you are on your journey, therapy can help you feel at peace living in your body, congruent to your identity.  Often gender transition, or living gender-fluid brings additional challenges that can contribute to mental health struggles.  Being validated, affirmed and supported on this journey is essential to positive self-worth.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs as a result to trauma and abuse.   Neurological pathways are affected, causing an injury to the brain.  The traumatic event often gets 'stuck' in the survival part of the brain, making one feel they are constantly in danger.  There are many living in the world with PTSD.  Surviving trauma and abuse can leave invisible scars.  The trauma is stored deep within the cellular level and PTSD shows up in ways many are not even aware of.  A therapist can help properly process these memories to begin to release it from the body. There are many steps to healing from trauma. Developing stability and coping tools for triggers, providing safety, and honing awareness of physical reactions can provide the groundwork for fully processing the event(s). 

EMDR is now offered as an option for treatment.  It is a proven method for treating PTSD, and it teaches the body the event is over.  Tricia will work with you to find the right path for you.

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EMDR is a technique that has been proven as one of the most effective treatments in healing from traumatic events and PTSD.  EMDR stands for "Eye Movement Desensitation Processing".  The therapy technique has evolved over the years.  Tricia uses a thertapper which provides the bilateral stimulation which is the cornerstone of this treatment, as opposed to eye movements.  This technique teaches the body that the traumatic event is over, lessening the anxiety and panic that a person can experience.  Trauma reactivity is often unconsciously triggered, causing anxiety and panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, etc.  Tricia has undergone training by one of the leading EMDR and trauma-focused therapists.